Privacy Policy

At, we will never divulge your personal information to a third party without first getting your permission, unless we are legally forced to do so.

Your personal information may be used to build a profile of you and deliver tailored content, such as adverts, to you.

Cookie Policy

The cookies policy is a document that outlines the rules for storing and accessing data on your website. It is important to have this document in place because it ensures that the website user has given consent to store data on their computer. 

It also gives them the opportunity to change their mind and withdraw consent at any time. We at Quickfashions have a cookies policy that we have already explained.

Please remember that a cookie is a small text file that contains information about you and your browsing habits. It can be used on a web browser to track your browsing activity. 

Although cookies do not contain viruses, they may nonetheless include data. which may be used to identify you and your device on the internet or in other situations.

We may use “cookies” to collect personal information from you when you visit our Sites. In order to recognize a user when they return for a subsequent visit, a website sends little files called cookies to the user’s computer.

Personal Information

Quickfashions is committed to protecting your privacy. We will use your personal information only for purposes consistent with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the online properties owned and operated by Quickfashions.

Some of the information that we collect includes what users like, what they are looking for, and how often they use the app. This information helps us deliver and enhance our services, such as by giving you a better tailored experience.

We may also disclose your information to third parties, but only with your permission or in the following situations:

  • To update our databases
  • To deliver our newsletters to you
  • It May be for the benefit of the public when researching
  • While sharing contests and advertising details with you
  • For defending others’ important interests
  • Sending you promotional materials for our newest goods and services
  • We must divulge it to abide by a legal requirement or court order

Revised Privacy Policies

We reserve the right to sometimes update this privacy statement. We will post any changes to our privacy policy on this page, and encourage you to review it periodically.

Your Rights

There will be a time when the privacy policy of any company you interact with will change without notice. You have the option to sign up with us, and for that you can:

  • You should always read the privacy policies of any company before submitting your personal information to them
  • If you choose to receive marketing communications from us, only then will we do so
  • We promise that your personal information won’t be given to other parties for their marketing campaigns
  • You can ask us to cease contacting you with marketing materials at any time


The GDPR is a law that was passed in 2016 and it sets out rules for how personal data can be collected, stored, and used. It means you have more control over what happens to your information, and who has access to it. 

It is easier to stop companies from using your personal data by:

  • Asking us to delete all of your data
  • You can also stop us from contacting you
  • You may also restrict the way we use your information

Prevention Against Submitting

You also have the right to prevent us from using your personal information. Additional rights include:

  • You may ask us to update, delete, or correct any personal data we may have on you by contacting us at any time using the details provided
  • You also have the option to request that we stop using and processing your information
  • Additionally, you have the right to restrict how we use your personal information.

Similarly, if you wish us to discontinue using your personal information, please get in touch with our data protection officer.

Contact Us 

You can contact us at:

Quickfashions is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the greatest possible degree of control over your personal information. 

Yes, we will use the information we collect about you to provide you with a more personalized experience and to offer you opportunities for products or services from Quickfashions.

Privacy Compliance Officer, 2022.